Top Family Photo Tips



I know what you're thinking—yeah right, I'm trying to get my kids to sit still and smile, but all they want to do is run around and make a mess of their clothes. Hang tight!!! 

Kids feed off your energy. When you get angry they might sit still for a few minutes, but they most certainly won't look happy for your photos! Take a deep breath and play along with them because what is happening is—I am searching for those moments of natural happiness and the "it" moment. In a sense try and sit back while I am searching for that magic. Also, often the best photos come out of the real craziness that you're experiencing if you let it. You will most certainly look back at those photos and say "oh yeah, my boys loved to chase each other!". And that's okay because once we snag that moment, usually I'll help bring them back and smile for the more posed photo for your mantle. Often, kids listen to the funny lady with the camera because I'm new to them and I'm not a parent—so basically we're tag teaming :) 


2. Funny stories 


Our photo session is a chance for you to spend some time with your family! Don't forget that! With chaotic work schedules and soccer practice, gymnastics, swimming, and family get togethers, how often do you get to spend time with just you guys? So share funny stories when Jack scared Emily or when they danced in the kitchen last week! That's when I'll absolutely be able to bring you magic. 


3. Outfits 

The white tops and jeans is definitely a popular look, but sometimes it's great to add some variety of texture and pops of color! A lot of times I steer families to choose a color theme whether that be blues or greys. Then family members can choose options that flow along with that color theme. Solids are great, but there can be a plaid accessory like a scarf or striped hat. 


4. Make it personal 

Don't forget that these are YOUR photos! We don't want generic photos that just anyone could have! My favorites are when we center the photoshoot around an event like horseback riding or kayaking. Think about what hobbies you love to do together as family and we will have a chance to get so much more creative and personal with your photos! The photo above was done at an annual gingerbread party in DC! What a fun idea! Everyone got to have fun and I got to do what I love to do best—capture your natural joy and love. Don't worry, I won't forget to get those posed photos too! 


These are tips that I tell clients again and again, and mostly everyone starts to relax with a few professional guidelines. Because being in front of the camera isn't easy, I get it, but together we will make it as painless and fun as possible!