"Where do I put my hands"

Let's face it, having your photo taken isn't the most natural thing in the world. Most of us feel uncomfortable and ask this hilarious question repeatedly "what do I do with my hands?" Amy Schumer explains it brillantly in her parody about engagement photography. 

As I write an email to a couple I'm about to take engagement photos later today, I realized everyone might be able to benefit from my tips of advice that I send out to help them feel relaxed and have fun. 

These are the things I try and remember when I'm in front of the camera and they are sure fire tricks to keep in your back pocket when suddenly you freeze and your brain decides you don't know anything and you know for certain you've never been in photos ever before...or maybe that's just me :) 

1. Silly is the best

Don't forget, these are YOUR photos. Most people have a silly side with the people they love, so bring that out! This is the perfect time to make funny faces at the camera, at each other, at strangers. Sometimes I think the stiff, scary photographers make clients feel they have to be very serious, when in this show it's the exact opposite. Let's be the silliest. 

Piggy back rides, kisses with red lipstick, twirls, secret hand shakes, watching your dude dance, having a singing contest, putting ice cream on her cheek, the list could go on forever.

But what matters is that these are YOUR silly things. Don't worry about me being there, I'm just along for your journey. 

2. Get cozy, dammnit! 

Okay so maybe you're doing engagement photos or couples photos and that may sound incredibly intimidating or scary. But in reality and more realistically these are memories for you and the people you care about most. Let your guard down and pretend this is just a normal day. In case you are feeling stuck , these are some of my favorites:

Give sweet kisses on the forehead, hands, shoulder, or lips | Hand holding | Hugs | Spontaneous twirling | Maybe try a dip kiss in the middle of the street | Bear hugging your partner | Nuzzling into your partners neck

3. Be Ridiculous

This is seriously the golden ticket. If you are brave enough, crazy enough...this will work! I can't give you any prep here so here are just my tips: 

  • Think about specific things that just make you crack each other up and then whisper about them while I snap away (probably in a tree somewhere) Don't try and talk about chores, laundry, friends drama because those boring things will not make you think happy thoughts and that will come through on the camera! We don't want that. No chore talk. 


  • Say inappropriate things while I'm photographing 50 feet away...it's hilarious and I absolutely cannot hear you AND it creates great reactions for the camera


Are you the 'Princess Diary' or the 'Pretty Lady' romantic type? Do you have dreams of going in a hot air balloon or floating down a river in a canoe or riding horses along the beach? Well funny you should mention that because there is no better time to make those dream dates a reality than your engagement photos! I mean it's probably one of the best excuses in the world. It's like a pre-honeymoon. Let's do it! Some ideas to get your idea train going: 

Horseback riding, kayaking, hot air balloon, renting an old car and driving through the country, going to a concert, going to a festival, hiking, camping, flying a plane, rent a luxurious Airbnb castle for the weekend, wine tasting, boat rides, etc.

I hope you enjoyed reading these four best tips for engagement photography! Next time you get in front of the camera with your person don't forget to shake it out, make silly faces, and have an amazing time.